Friday, September 08, 2006

the first three homes of the current plan for three hundred and sixty-two

Day 362: Today, as I was catching up my photo postings, I realized I missed August 21st. However, I also realized I was 1 day ahead in my counts. I looked back and realized that two posts (here and here) were actually both taken on May 16th. So, it put me 1 day ahead. Instead of going back and fixing it, and making up something silly to fill in for August 21st, I'm just going to skip the 21st and call it even.


by their crossing, produce three hundred and sixty-one points

Day 361: Check out my schnahz.


they have 360 degrees in their zodiac

Day 360: Feeling a bit artsy.


three hundred and fifty-nine pounds for the service of the year ended

Day 359: Darrell got me a new 23" widescreen monitor as an early surprise birthday present. Sweet! :^) (I don't look too thrilled in the picture, though, 'cause I had a really bad headache.)


three hundred and fifty-eight families (some wealthy)

Day 358: My mom got me this shirt with Grumpy Bear on it. It says "GRUMPY but so cute!"


three hundred and fifty-seven souls

Day 357: In Chattanooga with My Darrell.


three hundred fifty-six persons eighty years of age and older

Day 356: My parents' new dog, Missy, caught in a rare moment of serenity.


three hundred and fifty-five, against sixty-nine

Day 355: My barrettes from Christa came today. They ROCK.


the interminable night of three hundred and fifty-four hours and a half

Day 354: My attempt at looking classy.


anything is peaceful from one thousand, three hundred and fifty-three feet

Day 353: Osiris' Happy Face.


three hundred and fifty-two environmental surveillance reports

Day 352: Malley in my lap.


a moonless night, and three hundred and fifty-one kilometres in three days

Day 351: Darrell was feeling a bit better.


three hundred and fifty words about your destination

Day 350: Darrell was feeling sickly.


three hundred and forty-nine (but three really)

Day 349: Osiris likes to plant himself in my lap while I'm working.


this took place alternately during the space of three hundred and forty-eight years

Day 348: More unflatteringness.


three hundred and forty-seven years since man

Day 347: Unflattering.


the storm had killed three hundred and forty-six people

Day 346: Malley took my f#%*ing seat AGAIN.


three hundred and forty-five variants of cinderella

Day 345: Have you seen Dogma?


three hundred and forty-four feet deep property opposite the courthouse

Day 344: Early Morning Jennifer.


three hundred and forty-three times more than its current brightness

Day 343: Malley likes to steal my seat.


three hundred and forty-two cows

Day 342: Me and Malley-O.


three (hundred and forty-one) is the magic number

Day 341: Funny face.


section three hundred forty

Day 340: Me and Osiris.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

green flag waved on lap three hundred and thirty-nine

Day 339: My eye is swollen. It hurts.


three hundred and thirty-eight times as much as the Thames

Day 338: Reading in bed.


men slaves and their slave girls, these being seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven

Day 337: Darrell wasn't feeling well, so I made him some homemade potato soup. It was yummy. It included vegetable broth, potatoes, onions, celery, shredded carrots, a dash of pepper, and a pat of soy butter.


three hundred and thirty-six search warrants

Day 336: I washed my hair.


blessing will be on the man who goes on waiting, and comes to the thousand, three hundred and thirty-five days

Day 335: The girl at the grocery store liked my shirt.


the sum of three hundred and thirty-four dollars to thence

Day 334: I visited The Darrell at work and made surly faces at him


Monday, August 07, 2006

Three hundred and thirty-one white doves were released. Some settled in its branches. One landed on the shoulder of a mourner and just sat there.

Day 331: Trying to find my inspiration. Did I leave it by the window? Nope. Can't seem to find it...


shall I go to the movie at three thirty

Day 330: Wow, that's really not flattering. And, you know what? I don't care.


seventy-three percent of his or her wages but not less than three hundred twenty-nine dollars

Day 329: Karaoke Night!


children of Hasem, three hundred twenty-eight

Day 328: Depraved.


three hundred and twenty-seven thousand female lay votaries

Day 327: Gah, how many more days left?


three hundred and twenty-six men sit in jail

Day 326: Lurking...


the sum of all is three hundred and twenty-five

Day 325: Plotting...


one to every three hundred and twenty-four of the population

Day 324: Osiris!


review of three hundred and twenty-three examinations

Day 323: I love My Darrell.


three hundred twenty-two hours, until christmas

Day 322: Patio door reflection.


three hundred twenty-one american soldiers killed in action

Day 321: It's just a coincidence that there's two (anti)war quotes in a row.


america has allocated just under $320 billion to date on the Iraq war

Day 320: Artsy bedtime picture.


three hundred and nineteen people attend the regional healthy people meeting

Day 319: Tired of taking pictures... almost done now...


took three hundred and eighteen trained servants

Day 318: I love my Malley Cat.


three hundred and seventeen times each day I have to open my head, reach in, and pull the wires out between two malfunctioning neurons

Day 317: The Google quote above is strangely relevant to this photo.